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MillBrook Ridge

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Difficulty Round trip Total climb Internet Maps
7.1 mi. 1480 ft. Google Maps

Take the Beaverkill Road from Livingston Manor and drive for about twenty minutes to the Alder Lake Road. Alder Lake Road is a left turn off the Beaverkill Road about two miles after it makes a sharp right turn near the Barkaboom Road that goes to the Little Pond State Campgrounds. Go to the end of Alder Lake Road and turn right into the access road to Alder Lake. Park in the parking lot and walk to the lake. The stately mansion house on the grounds was burned by the state several years ago leaving only the stonework behind. As you walk toward the lake bear left the red Alder Lake Loop Trail. After about .8 miles on this trail the yellow Mill Brook Ridge trail breaks off heading east. The trail ascends very gently and after about 1.5 miles on the trail you arrive at the Beaver Meadow lean-to and spring. There once was a large beaver pond here but it is now being reclaimed and forming a meadow.

Back on the trail you will pass another beaver meadow on your right after which the trail climbs more steeply. After about 1.35 miles you are at the highest point on the ridge (3480 ft). The return trip simply reverses your trip out. When you get to the Alder Lake loop trail, you can go the other way around to add a little variety. The shortest route is to retrace your steps.

(The map above shows the parking area and the out and back hiking route.)

(The image shows the vertical profile of the entire out and back route.)