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Narrow Notch Mountain

Quick Look - Narrow Notch
Difficulty Round trip Total climb Location Internet Maps
3.6 mi. 1800 ft. N42.33410 W74.61670 Google Maps

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Narrow Notch is a peak in the Relay State Forest which is small but has some interesting history! Take Route 30 north from Margaretville and just passed Halcottsville watch for a sign for the Plattekill Ski Area. Turn left onto Cold Spring Road which becomes West Settlement Road and then Roxbury Mountain Road. After a few twists and turns watch for Narrow Notch Road on the right. Make a right here. Most maps label the road you are looking for on the right as Morse Road but the road sign says Relay Road. The road will start out as gravel and dust and quickly turn into a two track dirt road. There are three parking areas as marked on the map. Continue up the road as far as you can since you want to be at the point where the road ends. If you have to park in one of the lower areas, you can always walk up the road to the end. You may see evidence of active logging and there will be several logging or woods roads to choose. From the parking area walk straight slightly to the left and onto a woods road headed northeast. You will gain about 500 feet of elevation in the next .4 miles but then the hike is mostly a ridge walk to the high point. You may find some convenient woods roads and this route seems to have less prickers than East Gary or Old Clump. Stay on the ridge even if it does not seem to be as direct as you would like! It is about 1.5 miles to the high point. Use the same route to return to the car. The round trip is about 3.5 miles. This hike can be combined with East Gray and Old Clump.