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North Plattekill Mountain

Quick Look - North Plattekill Mountain
Difficulty Round trip Total climb Location Internet Maps
4.9 mi. 1400 ft. N42.28540 W74.66370 Google Maps

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Probably the easiest way to hike North Plattekill is to go to the Ski Plattekill Ski Area and ask permission to hike the ski slopes to the top. Permission is almost always granted but be aware that the ski area is active during most seasons with skiing in the winter and downhill mountain biking during other seasons. Take route 28 north and west from the junction with Route 30 near the Pepacton Reservoir. Continue on Route 28 until the New Kingston Dunraven Road goes off to the right. Turn right and follow this road to New Kingston. Turn right on Thompson Hollow Road and follow it until it bears to the left. Continue straight ahead on New Kingston Mountain Road Watch for Lower Meeker Hollow Road on the left and signs for Ski Plattekill. Park in the parking lot for the Ski area and check in at the office for permission to hike. Start by walking behind the office and then following the ski trails to the left or south and UP. The trails I followed were both ski slopes and mountain bike trail. After a while they turned southwest and then northwest. After a few steep climbs but only about a mile of hiking I was at the flat top of the mountain. I wandered around on familiar ground after hiking a much harder route from Round Top on another occasion. After hitting the high point, you may return to your car the same way making a total of just over 2 miles hiking. A better option is to hike across the top of the ski area staying on the ridge. There are some nice views down the hollow from the open ski slopes. Depending on the route you take this will be a little less than 3.5 miles in a loop.