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Shultice Mountain
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Quick Look - Shultice Mountain
Difficulty Round trip Total climb Location Internet Maps
Trail difficultyTrail difficultyTrail difficultyTrail difficulty 6.5 mi. 2300 ft. N42.3186 W74.5161 Google Maps

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Although the a parking area for Shultice Mountain may be on public lands the peak, like many Catskill Highest Hundred peaks, is privately owned. Be sure to obtain the owner's permission before attempting to hike this peak! This owner is VERY protective of his land and the area is hunted extensively. GET PERMISSION! Taking this route means you will have to climb Irish Mountain first. Like many Catskill Highest Hundred peaks, it is privately owned. Be sure to obtain the owner's permission before attempting to hike this peak! GET PERMISSION!

One place to park for Shultice Mountain is on NYS Route 30 just south of Grand Gorge.The parking area is on the east side of the road near a sign that states "Headwaters of the Delaware". This land seems to be owned by the township and the DEP. An old railroad bed without rails or ties runs from the parking area and there is some talk about developing it into a "rail trail". If you park here, you enter the woods and head almost due south and, as always, UP. There are several old roads worth following as they do head toward the peak. Many paths are overgrown and eventually you must go off the trail and bushwhack. During all but the winter season you will encounter a variety of nettles and prickers with the summer being the worst! The first part of the hike after the roads is steep but levels off near the top of Irish Mountain. The rest of the hike is a matter of walking along the relatively flat summit until you feel you have gained the highest spot on Irish Mountain. To get to Shultice Mountain head generally south through the Col and up to the top of Shultice.

After tagging the summit of Shultice Mountain, you may return by roughly the same path but this means you will have to climb over Irish again! If you intend to do both, spotting a car on the other side may be the best idea. Walking back the entire way would not be the best idea. Few viewpoints worthy of photography can be found on either Irish or Shultice although the lack of vegetation in the winter improves your odds.