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Southwest Hunter Peak
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Trailhead Coordinates
Name Coordinates
Spruceton Road (end)) N42.1812 W74.2679
Route 214 (Notch Lake) N42.1595 W74.2034
Becker Hollow N42.1816 W74.1968
Diamond Notch  

Quick Look
Difficulty Round trip Total climb Location Internet Maps
Trail difficultyTrail difficultyTrail difficultyTrail difficulty 5.4 mi. 2700 ft. N42.1625 W74.2439 Google Maps

CHH peak map

Southwest Hunter or Leavitt Peak was the last peak to qualify as one of the Catskill 25's. It is far enough away from Hunter and high enough to be included in this category. It is usually climbed with Hunter but can be done alone. As with any trailless peak it can be quite challenging. Recently a prominent path has "developed" on the northern side making this approach much easier. The direct assault from Diamond Notch is still the steepest and most difficult to navigate. There are several different approaches and a couple of these have viable options for forming a loop.

On approach is to park at the Devil's Tombstone State Campgrounds on Stony Clove Road and pay the $4 seasonal parking fee. Find the red-blazed Devil's Path and hike 2.1 miles to the junction with the yellow-blazed Hunter Mountain Trail. Sections of this part of the Devil's Path rise sharply but others are relatively flat. Continue straight ahead to the devil's Acre lean-to and spring. A short distance passed this is the remains of an old cog railway bed. Continue passed this point and watch for the path on the left. Leave the Devil's Path to the left and follow the path along the base of the Southwest Hunter ridge. After some time the path turns abruptly to the left and follows a steep route uphill directly to the canister. After signing in, you may retrace your steps back to the parking area.

CHH peak profile
(The image at the left is the vertical profile for the out and back hike.)

link to topo map

Another possibility shown on the map above is to do a loop hike and include Hunter Mountain in the loop. The loop above starts at the parking area in Spruceton and ascends Hunter first. This loop could be reversed to do Southwest Hunter first.

link to topo profile

(The image above is the vertical profile for the clockwise hike. )

Other possibilities could include:

* Out and back from Spruceton
* Loop from Notch Lake
* Loop or out and back from Becker Hollow
* Loop or out and back from Diamond Notch