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Summer 2005

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Summer 2005

map icon On Monday, September 19th I parked on Rt 206 between Roscoe and Downsville and hiked toward Campbell Mountain Road. I made a short loop of the hike by walking out to Jug Tavern Rd and then back to 206.

map icon On Saturday, September 17th I traveled north to Tannersville to hike Sugarloaf Mountain.

map icon On Saturday, September 10th I hiked up to the Holiday Brook Trail from the Berry Brook Road parking area.

map icon On Monday, September 5th I headed for the Denning parking area to hike Lone and Rocky. These two peaks aren't particularly high. They aren't even that hard to find. They are in the middle of a very remote area of the Neversink valley.

map icon On Wednesday, August 31st I hiked to Giant Ledge and on to Panther Mountain from the parking area on CR 47.

map iconOn Saturday, August 27th I decided to bag two more trailless peaks by climbing Friday and Balsam Cap in the same day. I parked on the Friedel's land on Moonhaw Road early in the morning since I knew this hike could be challenging.

map iconOn Wednesday, August 24th I returned to SW Hunter determined to find the canister this time. I was convinced that on the previous attempt I had been on the wrong peak!

map iconOn Saturday, August 20th my son Kurt and I headed outside the "blue line" to climb Vly and Bearpen. The directions I had to the parking area were somewhat vague and the those for finding peaks were also confusing.

map iconOn Thursday, August 18th I headed to Platte Clove Road near Tannersville to climb Kaaterskill High Peak. The weather was pretty clear but it had rained some for the previous two days and parts of the trail were very wet.

map icon On Monday, August 15th I wanted a short hike that was close to home so I chose Balsam Lake Mountain.

map icon On Saturday, August 13th my son Karl, his girlfriend Kathleen and I headed for Spruceton Road and Mink Hollow for an assault on North Dome and Sherrill. I had heard a lot about this route up these two trailless peaks and it was every bit as interesting as I had been told.

map icon On Sunday, August 7th my time was limited so I decided on a quick hike close to home. I head for Morton Hill Road to hike the entire loop around Trout Pond and Mud Pond.

map icon map icon On Saturday, August 6th I decided to do a trailless double header on two mountains separated by some distance. I hiked Rusk Mountain in the morning and chose to climb Halcott Mountain on the way home.

map icon On Wednesday, August 3rd I headed for Trout Pond to do the short loop. I parked on Morton Hill Road and headed down Russell Brook Road.

map icon On Saturday, July 30th I headed for Plateau Mountain to bag another 3500. I parked at Notch Lake near the Devil's Tombstone Campgrounds.

map icon On Friday, July 29th I headed for a short hike on the Mary Smith Trail. I parked on Berry Brook Rd and struck out for a prickly adventure.

map icon On Saturday, July 23rd I headed for Sugarloaf Mountain in the quest to conquer the Catskill 35's. Sugarloaf is a popular destination so it is often crowded on the weekends.

map icon On Saturday, July 16th I headed for Indian Head and Twin Mountains. I had been told that the view from Twin was spectacular.

map icon On Saturday, July 9th I parked on McKinley Hollow Rd to hike up Balsam and Eagle Mountains. The hike to the Col between the two mountains is steep and is usually lined with nettles in the summer.

map icon On Friday, July 1st I decided to try a bushwhack of Fir Mountain by myself. When I parked at the Biscuit Brook area there was a truck there with another hiker about ready to begin.

map icon On Thursday, June 30th I parked at Biscuit Brook to climb Big Indian. Technically this is a trailless peak since the canister is off the trail.