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Cave and West Cave Mountains
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Cave and West Cave Mountains are the site of the Windham Ski Center and as such have great views of the valleys below and mountains to the north. From the slopes The chain from Huntersfield to Richmond seem to be so close that you can touch them. Much of the hike is on the open slopes and the roads between the slopes.

Quick Look - Cave and West Cave Mountains
Difficulty Round trip Total climb Location Internet Maps
Trail difficultyTrail difficultyTrail difficulty 4.44 mi. 1490 ft. N42.28583 W74.24700 Google Maps

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The village of Windham is on Route 23. Turn south off Route 23 on CR-79 which is near Cave Mountain Brewery. This is a short road that ends in a T with CR 12. Turn right and look for a sign on the left for the Windham Ski Center. You can park a the ski center and hike up the slopes. You can also bear right on CD Lane and the Club Road. Proceed to a "tunnel" on the left. Park on the left near the tunnel. Walk through the tunnel, turn right and start to walk up the slopes. As with any bushwhack or untrailed peak your options are varied. As you walk up the slope a road runs across at one level not very far up the slope. Turn left here and follow the road as it crosses several ski runs until it starts to descend to the left. Turn right and up the slope here and follow the road as it switchbacks up the far slope. Stay near the woods and watch for a woods road that enters the forest on the left. This road I at times hard to follow but leads to the summit of Cave Mountain. Once on the summit wander around until you feel you have the highest point. After claiming victory, walk out to the top of the ski slopes to get GREAT views to the north and east. When you have taken in the views of the mountains and valley, retrace your steps out along the road to where you entered the woods.

Now bear to the left up the slope to the top of the mountain. This is West Cave Mountain so look around for the highest point. There is an interesting memorial to ski patrol members near the aid station. There is also a communications tower on the mountain. To get back to where you parked the car continue to walk northwest along the top of the ski slopes. Most of these slopes are double black diamond which means they are VERY steep and hard to descend. At the end of the ridge an access road goes down the slope and is not quite as steep as the ski runs. Walk generally northeast and Down the slopes and you will be headed back toward the parking area. You may continue down the slopes or use the roads to get back to where you started. By returning on the roads you will get to see many of the unique and expensive homes that line the slopes. The entire walk is about 4.5 miles.