Created from 6 pictures from Giant Ledge

NJ1K Peaks List

Created, compiled and researched by Eric Koppel and Jeff Bennett

There are 52 peaks in New Jersey whose elevation exceeds 1000 feet. This list may not seem very impressive and some peaks are fairly tame but don't sell New Jersey short! Some of these are bushwhacks that rival some of the CHH peaks in difficulty with their share of thorns and blowdown. Others have trails and wonderful views of the countryside that surrounds them. New Jersey is steeped in history and the land surrounding these peaks is too. Most of these mountains are in northern and north central New Jersey with ALL being located in Passaic, Sussex, Warren, Bergen and Morris counties. Most are part of the Kittatinnies, New Jersey Highlands or the Ramapos. Have fun if you decide to do the list. It is relatively new and only five people have completed it so far!

As always RESPECT ALL PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS. This can be confusing in New Jersey where public property and private property often lie close together. Don't be afraid to ask for permission but when it doubt TURN BACK!

Rank Name Elev Location Access Lat - Long
1 High Point 1803 Sussex Trail N41.3210 W74.6615
2 Sunrise Mountain 1653 Sussex Trail N41.2180 W74.7206
3 Mount Paradise 1606 Sussex Trail N41.1181 W74.8839
4 Catfish Mountain 1560 Warren Trail N41.0476 W74.9725
5 Mount Tammany 1549 Warren Trail N40.9723 W75.1057
6 Hamburg Mountain High Point 1495 Sussex Bushwhack N41.1524 W74.5139
7 Bearfort Mountain 1480 Passaic Trail/Bushwhack N41.1405 W74.3916
8 Wawayanda Mountain 1460 Sussex Trail/Bushwhack N41.1977 W74.4575
9 Bearfort Mountain North 1460 Passaic Trail N41.1819 W74.3590
10 Boulder Pine Peak 1420 Passaic Trail N41.1445 W74.4249
11 Mount Stockholm 1410 Sussex Bushwhack N41.0674 W74.5382
12 Morris County High Point 1395 Morris Trail/Bushwhack N41.0199 W74.5757
13 Bowling Green Mountain 1381 Morris Trail N41.0077 W74.5498
14 Dunker Mountain 1340 Passaic Trail/Bushwhack N41.0820 W74.4826
15 Bearfort Lookout 1340 Passaic Trail N41.1043 W74.4175
16 Mount Gerard 1302 Sussex Bushwhack N41.1003 W74.5405
17 Green Pond Mountain 1260 Morris Trail/Bushwhack N41.0210 W74.4798
18 Buck Mountain (Wyanokies) 1240 Passaic Trail N41.0588 W74.3551
19 Allamuchy Mountain 1240 Warren Trail N40.9270 W74.7942
20 Upper Pohatcong Mountain 1235 Warren Bushwhack N40.8412 W74.8618
21 Morris Lake Mountain 1232 Sussex Trail/Bushwhack N41.0432 W74.6165
22 Mount Newfoundland 1232 Morris Trail N41.0445 W74.4562
23 Allamuchy Mountain North 1222 Sussex Trail/Bushwhack N40.9361 W74.7731
24 Mount Arlington 1220 Morris Trail/Bushwhack N40.9157 W74.6282
25 Big Beech Mountain 1200 Passaic Trail N41.1666 W74.2940
26 Pochuck Mountain 1194 Sussex Bushwhack N41.2110 W74.5304
27 Kanouse Mountain 1184 Passaic Bushwhack/Trail N41.0416 W74.4219
28 Long Hill 1180 Passaic Trail N41.1046 W74.3527
29 Bald Mountain 1164 Bergen Trail N41.1209 W74.2004
30 Cobb Hill 1160 Morris Bushwhack N40.9879 W74.4632
31 County House Mountain 1142 Warren Bushwhack N40.8076 W74.9590
32 Jenny Jump Mountain #1 1134 Warren Trail N40.9194 W74.9074
33 Ilgenstein Rock 1131 Bergen Trail/Bushwhack N41.0951 W74.2268
34 Guerin Benchmark 1130 Morris Trail N40.8404 W74.5776
35 Wright Pond Cliffs 1120 Sussex Trail/Bushwhack N40.9755 W74.7039
36 Wyanokie Torne 1120 Passaic Trail N41.0436 W74.3560
37 Jenny Jump Mountain #2 1112 Warren Bushwhack N40.9090 W74.9226
38 Westby Ridge 1096 Sussex Trail/Bushwhack N40.9817 W74.7106
39 Whitehall Hill 1081 Sussex Trail/Bushwhack N40.9603 W74.7443
40 Mount Fairway 1080 Warren Bushwhack N40.7803 W75.0020
41 Waterloo Mountain 1080 Sussex Trail/Bushwhack N40.9228 W74.7553
42 Drag Hill 1074 Bergen Trail N41.0982 W74.2094
43 Jennings Mountain 1072 Passaic Bushwhack N41.1679 W74.3164
44 Jenny Jump Mountain #4 1070 Warren Bushwhack N40.8567 W75.0040
45 Hasenclever Hill 1065 Passaic Trail/Bushwhack N41.1579 W74.2685
46 Rocky Mountain 1063 Bergen Trail/Bushwhack N41.0918 W74.2154
47 Buck Mountain (Kinnelon) 1060 Morris Bushwhack N41.0205 W74.4178
48 Mount Defiance 1040 Passaic Trail N41.1241 W74.2293
49 Windbeam Mountain 1040 Passaic Trail N41.0851 W74.2996
50 Jenny Jump Mountain #3 1020 Warren Trail/Bushwhack N40.8672 W74.9888
51 Oxford Mountain 1000 Warren Bushwhack N40.8054 W74.9701
52 The Tornfell 1000 Warren Trail/Bushwhack N40.9052 W74.9468