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This link was submitted by Dan Ray. His "SurvivalDan" website has good information including some great videos on fire starting.

This link was submitted by Chris Cole. His camping guide has plenty of good information especially for people who have not done very much camping. While you are on his site, check out the rest of the information on kayaking, hunting and fishing.

This link was submitted by Brownie Troop 1489 whose members are working on their "Hiker" badge.

This link was submitted by Peyton who is a scout and is working towards her camper and first aid badge. She's been researching wilderness survival resources and thought this link might be interesting. Thank you, Peyton.

These links were submitted by Lindsay, a camper at Camp Price, Wisconsin. Do You have some favorite links that are not included? Submit them for consideration.

These websites are dedicated to Catskill hiking, hiking in general, backpacking and camping.