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FALL COLORS WARNING: The leaves in the western Catskills are changing rapidly! Brilliant colors are hard to find but they are around. Don't wait to long to get out or you may miss it! The week of October 11th began with a sunny Sunday with temperatures in the low 60's and a slight breeze. The forecast for Monday is for mostly sunny skies with temperatures reaching into the low 70's. On Tuesday the temperature will drop into the low 60's with a few showers possible in places. On Wednesday and Thursday sun will alternate with clouds and the temperatures will be in the low 50's. Expect periods of rain on Friday with temperatures in the low 50's. The skies should clear for Saturday but the sunny skies will be accompanied by highs in the mid 40's! By Saturday night the lows will reach into the mid 20's. Keeping hydrated in the cooler temperatures can sometimes be tricky since you may not feel that you are sweating as much as on a warm summer day. Hydrating properly will allow you to hike longer and in greater comfort. Once you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Remember, the weather forecast is only a prediction and always contains percentages. Be prepared and have a plan for the most likely and least likely forecast! Are you prepared to stay out overnight on a trail? Conditions in the morning can change drastically by afternoon. Conditions at the trailhead do not always reflect the conditions on the peaks! Variable trail and weather conditions are a hallmark of these mountains. BE CAREFUL AND BE PREPARED!

Wednesday: September 23rd: High Knob
Wednesday: September 23rd: Hodge and Frick Ponds
Sunday: September 27th: Alder Lake to Millbrook Ridge
Thursday: October 1st: Frick Pond Maintenance
Friday: October 2nd: Panther Mountain
Monday: October 5th: Trout Pond
Wednesday: October 7th: Walnut Mt Loops
Thursday: October 8th: Frick Pond Maintenance
Sunday: October 11th: Frick Pond Maintenance
Monday: October 12th: Red Hill


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