Created from 6 pictures from Giant Ledge

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The week of February 19th began on Sunday with a sunny and unseasonably warm day. The temperatures rose into the mid 50's exceeding the forecast of mid 40's. By Monday the temperatures had dropped a little with highs reaching the low to mid 40's in places. The skies were blue without any clouds and the sun was shining brightly. On Tuesday the highs will be in the low 40's with some sun giving way to clouds in the afternoon. On Wednesday the clouds will move out and the highs will reach 50. By Thursday the temperatures will rise into the low 60's but the day will be cloudy. A little rain will move in by Friday with cloudy skies and temperatures in the high 50's. The rain may continue on Saturday with highs again reaching the mid 50's. When the weather conditions are constantly changing, be sure you are dressed appropriately in clothing which will wick away moisture to keep you from developing a chill in colder temperatures. Clothes that have pit zips are great and layering with non-cotton materials are a must for the varying temperatures. Keeping hydrated in cooler weather can sometimes be tricky as you do not feel as thirsty but hydrating properly will allow you to hike longer and in greater comfort. It is also time to start bringing along the spikes or crampons since the melting and refreezing can cause spectacular areas of ice on the trails. Snowshoes will be useful especially at higher elevations where snow has accumulated to greater depths and melts more slowly. Be sure to carry water with you as local water sources can be unreliable and may be contaminated. Once you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated! Remember, the weather forecast is only a prediction and always contains percentages. Be prepared and have a plan for the most likely and least likely forecast! Are you prepared to stay out overnight on a trail? Conditions in the morning can change drastically by afternoon. Conditions at the trailhead do not always reflect the conditions on the peaks! Variable trail and weather conditions are a hallmark of these mountains. BE CAREFUL AND BE PREPARED!

Monday: January 2nd: Loggers Loop Loop
Friday: January 6th: Fishkill Ridge from Route 9
Tuesday: January 10th: Long Pond Loop
Friday: January 13th: Loggers Loop
Monday: January 16th: Hunter Mt (Spruceton)
Friday: January 20th: Round Top Loops
Saturday: January 21st: Kelly Hollow
Monday: January 23rd: Round Top Loops
Friday: January 27th: Neversink Unique: Denton and Mullet Falls
Saturday: January 28th: Trout Pond: Morton Hill Loop
Tuesday: January 31st: Round Top Figure 8's
Friday: February 3rd: Flynn, Big Rock and Logger's Loop
Saturday: February 4th: Dry Brook Ridge from Hill Rd
Thursday: February 9th: Round Top Snowshoe
Sunday: February 12th: Round Top Snowshoe
Monday: February 13th: Round Top Snowshoe
Tuesday: February 14th: Frick Pond Loop
Wednesday: February 15th: Round Top Snowshoe
Monday: February 20th: Frick Pond: Logger's Loop


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