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After several days of unseasonably cold weather, the week of November 23rd begins with a warm but cloudy day on Sunday with temperatures rising to near 50 degrees. Monday will be even warm with highs in the 60's. The forecast calls for a windy day on Monday with showers at left in the morning. The temperatures drop into the low 40's going into Tuesday with some sun. The forecast for Wednesday calls for some snow with temperatures dropping again into the mid 30's. The temperatures for Thanksgiving Day on Thursday will be about the same but there is no precipitation in the forecast. Friday will see a slight drop in temperatures but there will be some sun. Saturday the temperatures may rise again into the mid 40's but there is the threat of some rain. This forecast is for the lower elevations. Hikers have already reported accumulating snow on the Catskill peaks! Remember, the weather forecast is only a prediction and always contains percentages. Be prepared and have a plan for the most likely and least likely forecast! Are you prepared to stay out overnight on a trail? Conditions in the morning can change drastically by afternoon. Conditions at the trailhead do not always reflect the conditions on the peaks! Variable trail and weather conditions are a hallmark of these mountains. BE CAREFUL AND BE PREPARED!

Monday: October 27th: Turkey Hill to Route 6
Tuesday: October 28th: Tiorati to Hippo Rock
Tuesday: October 28th: Skannatati to St John's
Thursday: October 30th: Mt Tremper to Lane Street
Thursday: October 30th: Whites Road to Malden Avenue
Thursday: October 30th: Kaaterskill Falls
Thursday: October 30th: Platte Clove to Kaaterskill HP Parking
Thursday: October 30th: Peekamoose Road
Monday: November 3rd: Berme Road to Berrypickers Path
Monday: November 3rd: Berme Road to Lundy Quarry
Tuesday: November 4th: Lundy Quarry to Upper Cherrytown Rd
Wednesday: November 5th: Riggsville to Cherrytown Rd
Friday: November 7th: Thacher Escarpment
Saturday: November 8th: Lake Massawippa to Route 32
Monday: November 10th: Route 32 to Heritage Trail
Tuesday: November 11th: Heritage Trail: Monroe to Hartley Road
Saturday: November 15th: Mountain Road to SRT
Friday: November 21st: Hodge and Frick Ponds
Tuesday: November 25th: Trout Pond


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