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Catskill 35 Peaks

There are 35 mountain peaks in the Catskills that exceed 3500 feet. All but two are within the Catskill Park. Many have trails to the summits but some must be "bushwhacked". Suggestions for hiking the trailed peaks are usually pretty clear. Several different routes may be used and, at times, some cautions are in order. Directions for hiking the trailless peaks are more varied. First, make sure you have a good map and compass. A GPS can be very helpful also particularly in locating the canisters that are at the summits of many of these peaks. Many of these ascents simply consist of parking somewhere and going up.

Click on the column headers below to order the list according to that column. Click on any peak's name to get a description of some of the routes that you can take to approach that peak.

RankNameElevLocationAccessLat - Long
1Slide4180 Southern CatskillsTrailN41.9992 W74.3862
2Hunter4040Central CatskillsTrailN42.1775 W74.2308
3Black Dome3980Northern CatskillsTrailN42.2700 W74.1231
4Blackhead3940Northern CatskillsTrailN42.2677 W74.1053
5Thomas Cole3940Northern CatskillsTrailN42.2708 W74.1369
6West Kill3880Central CatskillsTrailN42.1678 W74.2900
7Graham3868Southwest CatskillsBushwhack w/o canisterN42.0392 W74.5500
8Doubletop3860Southwest CatskillsBushwhack w/ canisterN42.0275 W74.5286
9Cornell3860Southern CatskillsTrailN42.0014 W74.3572
10Table3847Southern CatskillsTrailN41.9586 W74.4053
11Peekamoose3843Southern CatskillsTrailN41.9531 W74.3986
12Plateau3840Central CatskillsTrailN42.1380 W74.1747
13Sugarloaf3800Central CatskillsTrailN42.1311 W74.1506
14Wittenberg3780Southern CatskillsTrailN42.0081 W74.3478
15Southwest Hunter3740Central CatskillsBushwhack w/ canisterN42.1625 W74.2439
16Balsam Lake3723Southwest CatskillsTrailN42.0458 W74.5944
17Lone3721Southern CatskillsBushwhack w/ canisterN41.9692 W74.3897
18Panther3720Southern CatskillsTrailN42.0564 W74.3950
19Big Indian3700Southwest CatskillsTrail w/ short bushwhackN42.0350 W74.4969
20Friday3694Southern CatskillsBushwhack w/ canisterN41.9875 W74.3625
21Rusk3680Central CatskillsBushwhack w/ canisterN42.2006 W74.2775
22Kaaterskill High Peak3655Northern CatskillsTrail w/ short bushwhackN42.1619 W74.0806
23Twin3640Central CatskillsTrailN42.1256 W74.1294
24Balsam Cap3623Southern CatskillsBushwhack w/ canisterN41.9769 W74.3578
25Fir3620Southern CatskillsBushwhack w/ canisterN42.0275 W74.4694
26North Dome3610Central CatskillsBushwhack w/ canisterN42.1733 W74.3494
27Eagle3600Southern CatskillsTrailN42.0619 W74.5097
28Balsam3600Northwest CatskillsTrailN42.0908 W74.4886
29Bearpen3600Northwest CatskillsBushwhack w/o canisterN42.2652 W74.4741
30Indian Head3573Central CatskillsTrailN42.1161 W74.1150
31Sherrill3540Central CatskillsBushwhack w/ canisterN42.1756 W74.3733
32Halcott3537Central CatskillsBushwhack w/ canisterN42.1800 W74.4383
33Vly3529Northwest CatskillsBushwhack w/ canisterN42.2453 W74.4464
34Windham High Peak3524Northern CatskillsTrailN42.3147 W74.1439
35Rocky3508Southern CatskillsBushwhack w/ canisterN41.9721 W74.3731