Created from 6 pictures from Giant Ledge

Catskill Highest Hundred

Created, compiled and researched by Mark Schaefer
Acme Maps by Tom Rankin

Part of the allure and charm of hiking in the Catskills is that much of the park has no trails and is still in a "wild" state. Hiking the hills and valleys which must be bushwhacked is a thrill some cannot resist. The freedom that this allows is exhilarating. As long as private property rights are observed and hikers have a respect for the natural environment all is well.

Some people like to hike to complete lists and find this an added motivation. Many people have completed the Catskill 35 list and the Winter 35 list. For those people looking around for a new challenge, Mark Schaefer has created a list of the hundred highest peaks in the Catskills. The list actually has 102 peaks listed since there are some ties near the end.

Private land issues: Two of the 3500 summits (Graham and Doubletop) and many of the summits below 3500 are either privately owned, or have approaches that are. Unless there is an conservation easement (e.g. the Roundtop near Bearpen) permission to hike on private lands should be obtained.

Criteria for the LIST    All 100 peaks on one Google Map    Working with ACME Maps    Checklists: Excel PDF

Key to the code which follows the rank and elevation:

T = maintained Trail
S = Ski trail
R = Rough road
U = Unmaintained trail, no canister, e.g. Eagle's summit is a short walk on the Sids Notch path
C = Canister and no trail (paths may have formed)
B = Bushwhack with no canister (some are short whacks, e.g. Dry Brook Ridge and Burnt Knob)

RankNameElevLocationAccessAcmeTQLat - Long
1Slide Mtn 4180Peekamoose T hiker icon hiker iconN41.9986 W74.3867
2Hunter Mtn 4040Hunter T hiker icon hiker iconN42.1776 W74.2308
3 Black Dome 3980Freehold T hiker icon hiker iconN42.2700 W74.1231
4Blackhead 3940Freehold T hiker icon hiker iconN42.2678 W74.1050
4Thomas Cole Mtn 3940Hensonville T hiker icon hiker iconN42.2708 W74.1369
6West Kill Mtn 3880Lexington T hiker icon hiker iconN42.1678 W74.2900
7Graham Mtn 3868Seager U hiker icon hiker iconN42.0392 W74.5500
8Cornell Mtn 3860Phoenicia T hiker icon hiker iconN42.0014 W74.3572
8Doubletop Mtn 3860Seager C hiker icon hiker iconN42.0275 W74.5286
10Table Mtn 3847Peekamoose T hiker icon hiker iconN41.9586 W74.4053
11Peekamoose Mtn 3843Peekamoose T hiker icon hiker iconN41.9531 W74.3986
12Plateau Mtn 3840Hunter T hiker icon hiker iconN42.1380 W74.1747
13Sugarloaf Mtn 3800Hunter T hiker icon hiker iconN42.1311 W74.1506
14Wittenberg Mtn 3780Phoenicia T hiker icon hiker iconN42.0081 W74.3478
15Leavitt Peak 3740Hunter C hiker icon hiker iconN42.1625 W74.2439
16Lone Mtn 3721Peekamoose C hiker icon hiker iconN41.9692 W74.3897
17 Balsam Lake Mtn 3720Seager T hiker icon hiker iconN42.0458 W74.5944
17Panther Mtn 3720Shandaken T hiker icon hiker iconN42.0564 W74.3950
19Big Indian Mtn 3700Shandaken C hiker icon hiker iconN42.0350 W74.4969
20Friday Mtn 3694West Shokan C hiker icon hiker iconN41.9875 W74.3625
21Rusk Mtn 3680Lexington C hiker icon hiker iconN42.2006 W74.2775
22(Kaaterskill) High Peak 3655Kaaterskill U hiker icon hiker iconN42.1619 W74.0806
23Twin Mtn 3640Hunter T hiker icon hiker iconN42.1256 W74.1294
24 Balsam Cap 3623West Shokan C hiker icon hiker iconN41.9769 W74.3578
25Fir Mtn 3620Shandaken C hiker icon hiker iconN42.0275 W74.4694
26North Dome 3610">Lexington C hiker icon hiker iconN42.1733 W74.3494
27 Balsam Mtn 3600Shandaken T hiker icon hiker iconN42.0908 W74.4886
27Bearpen 3600Prattsville U hiker icon hiker iconN42.2652 W74.4741
27Eagle Mtn 3600Seager U hiker icon hiker iconN42.0619 W74.5097
30Indian Head Mtn 3573Woodstock T hiker icon hiker iconN42.1161 W74.1150
31Mt Sherrill 3540Lexington C hiker icon hiker iconN42.1756 W74.3733
32Vly Mtn 3529West Kill C hiker icon hiker iconN42.2453 W74.4464
33Windham High Peak 3524Hensonville T hiker icon hiker iconN42.3147 W74.1439
34Halcott Mtn 3520West Kill C hiker icon hiker iconN42.1800 W74.4383
35Rocky Mtn 3508West Shokan C hiker icon hiker iconN41.9728 W74.3731
36Mill Brook Ridge 3480Arena T hiker icon hiker iconN42.0525 W74.6333
37Dry Brook Ridge 3460Seager B hiker icon hiker iconN42.1130 W74.6045
37Woodpecker Ridge 3460Seager B hiker icon hiker iconN42.0400 W74.6176
39Olderbark Mtn 3440Bearsville B hiker icon hiker iconN42.1142 W74.1910
39Roundtop Mtn 3440Kaaterskill B hiker icon hiker iconN42.1683 W74.0950
39Roundtop 3440PrattsvilleUhiker icon hiker iconN42.2939 W74.4908
42Huntersfield Mtn 3423Ashland T hiker icon hiker iconN42.3556 W74.3467
43Belleayre Mtn 3420Fleischmanns S hiker icon hiker iconN42.1285 W74.5195
43(St. Anne's Peak) 3420Lexington T hiker icon hiker iconN42.1714 W74.3207
43Stoppel Point 3420Kaaterskill T hiker icon hiker iconN42.2250 W74.0656
46(S Bearpen) 3410West Kill Bhiker icon hiker iconN42.2464 W74.4930
47(Sleeping Lion Mtn) 3408West Kill B hiker icon hiker iconN42.1974 W74.4171
48Spruce Mtn 3380Shandaken B hiker icon hiker iconN42.0175 W74.4503
49Beaver Kill Range 3377Claryville B hiker icon hiker iconN41.9937 W74.5914
50(S Vly) 3360West Kill Bhiker icon hiker iconN42.2291 W74.4388
51Mt. Pisgah 3345Margaretville S hiker icon hiker iconN42.2211 W74.7361
52(E Wildcat) 3340Peekamoose B hiker icon hiker iconN41.9877 W74.4410
52(N Plattekill) 3340Hobart B hiker icon hiker iconN42.2854 W74.6637
54Shultice Mtn 3280Roxbury Bhiker icon hiker iconN42.3186 W74.5161
55Plattekill Mtn 3260Hobart B hiker icon hiker iconN42.2663 W74.6486
55(Winisook Lake) 3260Shandaken B hiker icon hiker iconN42.0179 W74.4201
57(NW) Moresville Range 3240Roxbury Bhiker icon hiker iconN42.3745 W74.5650
58(Willowemoc) 3224Willowemoc T hiker icon hiker iconN41.9902 W74.6288
59(Narrow Notch) 3220Roxbury B hiker icon hiker iconN42.3341 W74.6167
59Onteora Mtn 3220Hunter B hiker icon hiker iconN42.2221 W74.1683
59Richmond Mtn 3220Ashland B hiker icon hiker iconN42.3674 W74.2712
62Utsayantha Mtn 3214Stamford R hiker icon hiker iconN42.3990 W74.5900
63(High Falls Ridge) 3211Claryville Bhiker icon hiker iconN41.9920 W74.5456
64Van Wyck Mtn 3206Peekamoose B hiker icon hiker iconN41.9520 W74.4360
65Giant Ledge 3200Shandaken T hiker icon hiker iconN42.0400 W74.3955
66Burnt Knob 3180Freehold B hiker icon hiker iconN42.3020 W74.1195
67Mongaup Mtn 3177Willowemoc B hiker icon hiker iconN41.9936 W74.700
68Cradle Rock Ridge 3160Arena B hiker icon hiker iconN42.0368 W74.6620
68Wildcat Mtn 3160Peekamoose B hiker icon hiker iconN41.9775 W74.4764
70East Jewett Range 3140Hunter Bhiker icon hiker iconN42.2324 W74.1983
70Overlook Mtn 3140Woodstock T hiker icon hiker iconN42.0850 W74.0935
70(Pine Island Mtn) 3140Lexington Bhiker icon hiker iconN42.2201 W74.3329
70White Man Mtn 3140Roxbury Bhiker icon hiker iconN42.2844 W74.5344
74 Acra Point 3100Freehold T hiker icon hiker iconN42.2964 W74.1003
74 Barkaboom Mtn 3100Arena B hiker icon hiker iconN42.0617 W74.7026
74Cave Mtn 3100Hensonville B hiker icon hiker iconN42.2858 W74.2470
74Cowan 3100Hobart Bhiker icon hiker iconN42.3401 W74.6556
74(Packsaddle) 3100Lexington Bhiker icon hiker iconN42.2177 W74.3590
74Plattekill Mtn 3100Woodstock Bhiker icon hiker iconN42.1072 W74.0869
74(Red Kill Ridge) 3100Fleischmanns B hiker icon hiker iconN42.2290 W74.5383
74(W Stoppel Point) 3100Kaaterskill B hiker icon hiker iconN42.2242 W74.100
82Rose Mtn 3090West Kill Bhiker icon hiker iconN42.1506 W74.4383
83 (Ashokan) High Point 3080West Shokan T hiker icon hiker iconN41.9245 W74.2880
84(Sand Pond) 3062Willowemoc T hiker icon hiker iconN41.9852 W74.6488
85Churchill Mtn 3060Stamford B hiker icon hiker iconN42.3886 W74.6103
85Irish Mtn 3060Roxbury B hiker icon hiker iconN42.3356 W74.5267
85Round Top 3060Hobart B hiker icon hiker iconN42.2714 W74.6836
88Denman Mountain 3053Claryville B hiker icon hiker iconN41.9028 W74.5400
89(Montgomery Hollow) 3040Roxbury B hiker icon hiker iconN42.2929 W74.5203
89(SW) Moresville Range 3040Roxbury B hiker icon hiker iconN42.3556 W74.5662
89(W) Cave 3040Ashland B hiker icon hiker iconN42.2845 W74.2650
89Woodhull Mtn 3040Peekamoose B hiker icon hiker iconN41.9458 W74.4642
93(Little Pisgah) 3020Margaretville B hiker icon hiker iconN42.1991 W74.7233
93(SE Warren) 3020Hobart Bhiker icon hiker iconN42.3058 W74.6915
95Little Rocky 3015West Shokan Bhiker icon hiker iconN41.9185 W74.3326
96(Hubbell Hill) 3000Margaretville B hiker icon hiker iconN42.2160 W74.6490
96Old Clump 3000Roxbury B hiker icon hiker iconN42.3058 W74.5919
96(Silver Hollow) 3000Bearsville T hiker icon hiker iconN42.1227 W74.2276
99(Hodge Pond) 2985Willowemoc B hiker icon hiker iconN41.9810 W74.7320
100(E Gray Hill) 2980Roxbury B hiker icon hiker iconN42.3115 W74.6186
100(Meeker Hollow) 2980Hobart B hiker icon hiker iconN42.2936 W74.6385
100Red Hill 2980Claryville Thiker icon hiker iconN41.9242 W74.5181