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Huntersfield Mountain
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Huntersfield is the highest peak on the Long Path outside of the blue line of the Catskill Park. It is often done in conjunction with Richmond Mountain which is also on the CHH list. Ashland Pinnacle, Ritchmeyer Mountain and Mount Pisgah also lie along this section of the Long Path. Huntersfield has excellent views to the north, south and east. The southern view from the lean-to at the summit reveals the mountains on the Devil's Path but is dominated by Slide Mountain.

Quick Look - Huntersfield (Long Path from the west)
Difficulty Round trip Total climb Location Internet Maps
Trail difficultyTrail difficultyTrail difficulty 3.9 mi. 1960 ft. N42.35556 W74.3467 Google Maps

CHH peak map Of course, directions to a location depend on your starting point. Find Prattsville on Route 23 just SE of the Schoharie Reservoir. The town isn't very big. Turn north onto Washington Street which soon becomes Route 10. Watch for a sign with a Y indicating a definite split in the road. Do NOT worry about any of the side roads. At the Y bear left onto Route 11 which soon turns into Marv Rion Road. At the end take a right onto Huntersfield Road which takes you straight toward the mountain and an apparent DEAD END! Continue ahead on the dirt road in good condition. After a short trip down the dirt road a sign announcing Huntersfield Forest will appear on the right. Park on the left across from the sign to avoid blocking the road. The aqua blazes of the Long Path lead into the woods on the side where you parked the car.

The first part of the trail parallels and then crosses a small stream before joining a wide and well-maintained woods road. The trail follows this road through a beautiful pine forest as it slowly climbs making its way north and AWAY from the mountain. Several places along the road significant blowdown blocks the main trail but the path has been rerouted in these areas. The trail then makes an abrupt turn to the east and then to the southeast as it begins to climb up toward the summit. After a short distance there is a viewpoint to the right of the trail which is worth investigating. There are MANY other views along the way but none allow photography since they are blocked by trees even in the winter. The trail continues up and at times passes through some rocky areas but none are difficult. More possible viewpoints disappoint. In about a mile a yellow blazed trail comes in from the right and just after it a USGS benchmark signals the summit. Continue passed this area to where the Long Path continues straight ahead to the Ashland Pinnacle and Richmond Mountain beyond. Turn right here on the yellow trail and head toward the lean-to. Immediately after the turn a lookout with a bench appears on the left. The views here are toward the east with the Pinnacle and Richmond visible. After taking in these views, continue to the end of the yellow trail at the lean-to. Here the trees have been cut to afford a view to the south. Slide Mountain dominates this views but other peaks are visible. When you have had your fill, retrace your steps back to the car.

CHH peak profile

(The image at the left is the vertical profile for the entire out and back hike.)