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Richmond Mountain
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Quick Look - Richmond (Long Path and bushwhack from the west)
Difficulty Round trip Total climb Location Internet Maps
Trail difficultyTrail difficultyTrail difficultyTrail difficulty 3.4 mi. 885 ft. N42.36740 W74.27120 Google Maps

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Richmond Mountain is in a string of peaks starting with Huntersfield in the west, Ashland Pinnacle, South Mountain, Richmond, Richtmyer Peak and Mount Pisgah. According to the "rules" only Huntersfield and Richmond make the CHH list but the others are worth hiking in their own right. As afar As I can determine the Long Path does NOT pass over the summit of Richmond Mountain and a bushwhack is necessary. Described here is one possible route although others would be just as reasonable.

Find Greene County Route 10. Just west of North Settlement turn north onto Route 32C and proceed UP the mountain. At the Limited Access sign continue on the dirt road to the familiar yellow of brown South Mountain Forest Sign. Park next to the register box and look for the aqua blazes of the Long Path. Walk across the road and continue on the road and Long Path through a pine forest. The high ground on your right is South Mountain. Soon the trail will bear to the left and the road continues to the right. Follow the blazes of the Long Path as is heads east and then north. The blazes are confusing and often seem to go in different directions. After about .8 miles you will realize that the land is rising on your right and the trail will bypass this summit. Turn right and start UP using your bushwhacking skills to head southeast. After hitting the high ground try a more direct path back to the car! From the summit there is no real viewpoint but Windham and Hunter ski areas are visible when the leaves are off the trees. The Blackhead Range is also visible. Head southwest off the mountain being sure to walk along the ledge and cliffs. Watch for a slight opening with a flat rock on the edge. This lookout gives a great view of the mountains and valleys to the south. Continue to walk southwest and DOWN toward a well maintained dirt road. This road was constructed by the CCC and is still in good shape. After a short walk things will look familiar as you will be back at the junction of the Long Path from the very beginning of the hike! Continue on the road back to the car.

A quicker and no more strenuous route would be to follow the road INSTEAD of the Long Path until a point where you can cut up through the woods toward the summit. The trick here is not to wait too long to start the bushwhack as there are some serious cliffs and ledges on the south approach to Richmond.