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Cowan Mountain
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Quick Look - Cowan Mountain
Difficulty Round trip Total climb Location Internet Maps
Trail difficultyTrail difficultyTrail difficulty 3.6 mi. 1040 ft. N42.3401 W74.6556 Google Maps

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Although you can park at the side of a public road and walk to the top of this mountain, the entire mountain is located on private property. The people in this area seem more than willing to grant permission for hikers but it is necessary to ask. GET PERMISSION.

Several woods roads ascend this mountain and the shortest distance is simply to walk from where you are directly to the top. However, the slope becomes steeper the nearer you get to the summit so the roads may be a good idea. There is at least one, and probably more than run very close to the summit. There are a few views on the way up but none from the top. There are some very nice stone walls and some other stone structures in some areas. Be sure you get your bearings and check your maps. The Cowan Mountain in many GPS databases is NOT the correct mountain as it is not as high as the one on the CHH list.