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East Jewett Mountain
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Quick Look - East Jewett Mountain
Difficulty Round trip Total climb Location Internet Maps
Trail difficultyTrail difficultyTrail difficulty 3.6 mi. 1300 ft. N42.2324 W74.1983 Google Maps

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Although you can park at the side of a public road in the village of Hunter to hike East Jewett Mountain, ALL of the mountain and the ridge it is on are located on private property. The people in this area seem more than willing to grant permission for hikers but it is necessary to ask. GET PERMISSION.

Several woods roads ascend this ridge but most take a very circuitous route and do not go directly to the highest spot. The roads DO seem to gain elevation more gradually than striking off immediately into the woods but they do make the hike longer. You may encounter some significant cliff bands and steep hiking whether or not you choose to stay on the roads. Much of the first part of the hike is through fairly open woods. Near the top the prickers start to abound and the evergreen trees get very close. The top of the mountain flattens out and it may be hard to determine through the thick vegetation whether or not you have found the absolute highest spot. There is also a lot of blowdown on top. I chose to do this mountain in early spring and encountered by first "spruce trap"! After falling in a hole up to my waist, I decided I HAD found the highest spot and returned the way I had come. I kept trying to find viewpoints but the best were through the trees and across the valley to the Hunter Mountain Ski Area. In fact the best views were from where the woods road met the paved road just up from where I was parked.