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Difficulty Round trip Total climb Location Internet Maps
Trail difficultyTrail difficultyTrail difficultyTrail difficulty 4.8 mi. 1825 ft. N42.1991 W74.7233 Google Maps

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Little Pisgah and Mount Pisgah can be hiked in succession as a loop or separately by moving your car. Little Pisgah has DEP access from Waver Hollow Road but Mount Pisgah is on private land. Mount Pisgah is the site of the Bobcat Ski Area. On my last visit it did not look like the area had opened for several years. I also did not see any POSTED signs with a phone number to call nor was there anyone present at the ski area.

Follow Route 28 north toward Andes from the Pepacton Reservoir. After about 1.5 miles watch for County Route 6, also know as the New Kingston Road, on your right. Turn right and drive 1.5 miles north to Weaver Hollow Road. Turn left and follow the road for 3.25 miles watching for a DEP parking area on your left. Pull in and park at this area. The first park of the hike is through a field and across a marshy area with a poorly defined stream. Find the best place to cross and head UP through the fields. The peak of Little Pisgah is to the southwest. You may find some woods roads to follow but most are overgrown with prickers and have a lot of blowdown. Some areas are also quite steep. Near the top there is a veritable "prickerfest"! There are no views from this summit but better things await.

From Little Pisgah head north northwest toward the summit of Mount Pisgah. There is a Col between the two mountains and many old woods roads. You may choose to follow these roads and lose some elevation or stay on a more direct line between the peaks. There are some short steep climbs and ledges to work through. Like many of these summits there is a long flatter walk along a summit plateau and many areas of prickers to push through. As you approach the summit you may run across and overgrown road. This is what is marked on some maps as Weaver Hollow Road but it is hardly even a path. The summit of Mount Pisgah has a communications tower and the lifts and buildings of the Bobcat Ski Area. The ski slopes offer breathtaking views to the west, north and east. On a clear day it is hard to describe how wonderful these views can be.

To return retrace your path toward the southeast and try to pick up the path that was Weaver Hollow Road. This is, of course, unmarked and very hard to follow at times. Eventually you will find a woods road which becomes a dirt road and then a paved road. This road passes by several hunting camps, seasonal houses and homes of year round residents. Continue down the road for about 1.5 miles back to your car.