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Sleeping Lion Mountain
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Quick Look - Sleeping Lion Mountain
Difficulty Round trip Total climb Location Internet Maps
Trail difficultyTrail difficultyTrail difficultyTrail difficulty 4.3 mi. 2255 ft. N42.19740 W74.41710 Google Maps

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Sleeping Lion is most easily climbed from the parking area on Route 42 that is used to climb Halcott. Route 42 runs north and south between Route 28 and Route 23A. Heading north from Route 28 the parking area is on the left after about 5 miles. From the parking area head uphill and towards a little stream. A nice falls is right by the parking area. Continue north along the stream and then slightly northeast. This route is constantly uphill with few breaks. After about .85 miles you may run into some ledges. These can be easily skirted by heading to the right, gaining the ridge line and proceeding northwest to the summit plateau. Once on the top find the highest point. You may now return the way you came or any other way for that matter! You may also head over to Halcott by heading southwest. You should be able to see your destination to get a good bearing. After about .6 miles, you will be in the Col between the two mountains. Continue southwest and then south on the high ground for another 1.75 miles to the summit of Halcott. Sign in at the canister and then plan your descent. The routes off Halcott back to Route 42 can be steep and difficult. Nettles line the way in all but winter. Head generally east trying to avoid the steepest ledges. A descent of about 1,2 miles will bring you close to Route 42. Near the end of this route there is a nice waterfall on a tiny tributary of Bushnellville Creek. It is only interesting after a rainfall but can be very pretty. You should now be near Route 42. Cross the creek and walk north to your car or stay on the west side of the creek and head north. The hike is about 4 miles with the descent being much more difficult than the climb.